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Water damage repair / water damage restoration

naks water damge repair water damage restoration

Naks water damage repair

Water damage is one of the most common causes of damage to a home. Apart from the inconvenience, it costs Australian residents hundreds of millions of dollars in repair bills every year. Below are just some things you can do to minimize the risk of water damage and the amount of damage it causes.


Flooded Carpet Cleaning

Our water damage specialists at NAKS uses professional carpet cleaning techniques

, which mean that potentially water and damaging soils are removed safely and easily from all types of flooded carpets.


    Cleaning wet carpet

    Repair wet carpet water damage restoration

    Damage Repair flooded carpet

    Carpet and Fabric Protection

    Deodorization and Disinfecting

    We provide fixed cost hire / drying quotes.


      Naks quote to fully monitor the drying works.  Drying a seriously flood damaged property with our systems generally ensures no significant structural rip out - unless deemed absolutely necessary. Less or no rip out reduces time out of the property and reduces the overall cost potential from unnecessary refurbishment and the alternative accommodation cost.



Reasonable fixed cost drying quotes for any property - we also compare the system against other methods to ensure the optimum solution.

  Naks do not strip out unless required.  This reduces downtime and overall refurbishment cost insurance claim reduced by as much as 60%.


Water Damage Restoration

       Water damage restoration is defined as an act or process of restoring an area/building to an approximate and acceptable level of pre-loss condition. To restore to pre-loss condition our water damage specialist are using dehumidifies, sanitizes and they can also do refurbishment of the property.


Water Removal

water damage repair services


           Immediately water removal will reduce spreading damage which considerably lessens the drying time. The actual methods of water extraction our water damage specialist using can include simple steps of mopping or soaking up excess moisture from hard surfaces, however, depending on the requirements of the task, we generally use more sophisticated techniques and equipment. This is essential for successful water damage restoration and flood repair.


  • Check shower bases regularly for cracks and the area around a shower base for water seepage.

 • Check pipe and hose connections at least once a year for leaks and wear and tear.

 • When on holidays shut off water supply to toilets, washing machines and dishwashers.

 • Only a qualified plumber or tradesman should inspect and repair pipes.

 • Don't leave bathtub or sinks unattended while they fill with water

 • Don't flush foreign objects down the toilet.

 • Replace old and cracked window putty.

 • Clean drains, gutters and downpipes regularly or when necessary.

 • Never leave an appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher on when absent from the house.

If water damage occurs there are some things you can do:

• Stop the source of water.

 • Remove as much water as possible by mopping and sponging.

 • Move paintings, art objects, books and wooden furniture to a safe dry place.

 • Remove damp books and spread them out to dry.

 • Remove rugs for drying and cleaning.

 • Turn on an air conditioner to promote drying (heating or cooling).

 • Use fans to circulate the air.

 • Don't enter a room covered in water if electricity supply is still on.

 • Don't use a normal dry vacuum cleaner to extract water from carpet.

 • Wait for professional help to lift tacked-down carpet.

 • Don't use electrical appliances while standing on a wet surface.

 • Wipe wooden furniture dry.

 • Open cupboard doors and drawers for drying.

 • Remove wet clothes for cleaning and drying.

 • Hang leather goods to dry at room temperature.

 • Lift curtains and drapes off wet carpet and loop through a coat hanger off the curtain rail.

 • Put aluminum foil or glad wrap between furniture legs and wet carpet.

 • Remove any object that may lose color.


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