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Naks Cleaning Company Culture

Our company culture is best expressed in our Mission Statement:
‘Inspiring Partner for Clients and Employees effectively working for a clean environment’

    The requirements of our clients are at the core of all that we do. Active in a cleaning across many sectors including offices, colleges, hospitals, airports, food industry, industrial sites and specialist services; We strive to be reliable, focused and innovative.

Inspiring Partner for Clients

    Naks acts as a ‘co-maker’;
    We go one step further than following a specification by thinking about ways to change and especially do things better;
    We strive for continuity and long term business relationships;
    Naks is a extremely reliable partner and has as a golden rule: ‘We say what we do, and we do what we say’;
    We are innovative and a business partner in everything we do;
    In addition to our Daily Cleaning we provide various specialist services;
    Naks is a steady independently owned company with a solid financial foundation.

Inspiring Partner for Employees

    Naks  is reliable and stimulates being part of the company;
    We treat our employees with respect and integrity. We truly are interested in the person behind our employee;
    Naks does not make distinction based on race, gender, religion or in any other way;
    Personal development is stimulated.

Effectively working

    We believe there needs to be a balance between an individual’s quality of life and the procedures and expectations of our organisation.

Working for a clean environment
    A clean environment is meant as a good work climate. By providing this we contribute to the wellbeing of the user of the building.
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